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  • Beryl Aidi

Sunnyside Post: Making Issues Matter

Updated: Jan 9

Welcome to Sunnyside Post blog!

Everyone has an opinion and a story. So here is where I intend to share things that I feel matter to me and I choose to live on the sunny side of life as I do my musings on issues happening around me. Living in these exciting times of immense opportunities, I am happy to grab the opportunity and occupy this space and share my thoughts as I reflect on the things happening around me.

Hand on the chin musing on

Of particular interest are matters of human rights, social justice, things in our moral consciousness, spirituality and anything that is of public interest. The subject matter maybe somewhat grave but I'm going to try to make it as engaging as much as possible. However, this is not a whinny pity party blog but a place to share views and hopefully get some answers. And enjoy looking at the funny side of life too.

Come, let’s muse on!

Formerly existing on its own as Sunnysidemuse, the blog has been merged with SunnysideComms and renamed Sunnyside Post to bring both works in one space and harmonize the brand.


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