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About Sunnyside Communcations

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Meet the Founder, Beryl Aidi

Hello! Glad you're here. Meet Beryl Aidi, founder of Sunnyside Communications.


Starting off in student mentorship with university students, Beryl has curved a niche professionally in the civil society space with extensive experience in human rights, social justice and social behavior change campaigns and communications. She has worked with several non- governmental organizations in the field of public health, human rights and development including World Vision, Amnesty International, Kenya Human Rights Commission, Medical Emergency Relief International (Merlin) among others.


Not only does she enjoy developing and implementing strategies, she values working collaboratively with colleagues, building partnerships and networking with other organizations, coalitions and groups. This has afforded her the opportunity to represent the various organizations that she has worked various in national, regional and international forums, giving her exposure and networking opportunities.


What she likes most about her work is bringing the important underlying work of research and policy to life. That’s what Sunnyside is here for, to partner with large and small NGOs, IGOs down to grassroots community-based initiatives to make a difference.

About Sunnyside Communications

Making Your Vision a Reality

Sunnyside Communications is a boutique agency that specializes in providing advocacy, campaign, and communication services working with civil society groups, non-governmental organizations, intergovernmental organizations, and institutions.


Our mission is to help our clients develop effective communications that deliver impact. We believe that strategic ideation, visibility, and action are the keys to success in today’s fast-paced communication landscape. Our focus is on social causes, human rights, social justice and public health.


We support our clients by partnering with them to develop effective communications through strategic ideation, visibility and action that deliver impact.

We work with our clients through strategy development, implementation, impact analysis and storytelling. This we do by working with them in communication and content strategy development, audience analysis, content production and distribution.


We approach every assignment from a project management cycle perspective working from planning through to impact evaluation and sharing impact stories.


Get in touch and let’s go to work.

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Why Sunnyside?

It is simply because of our tri-factor effect of expertise, experience and distinction.

Here's how.


With Sunnyside, you get a wide range of possibilities in public-facing communication solutions. Sunnyside brings media relations, community outreach and digital communications expertise. Having developed communications strategies for short term and long-term campaigns, set up systems, and helped build and maintain partnerships working collaboratively with colleagues, building partnerships and networking with other organizations, coalitions and groups Sunnyside is able to work your team to reach your communications goals.



With over 15 years’ experience work as the communications lead for the advocacy and campaigns for numerous initiatives in national and international organizations, our team comes with extensive communications expertise in the field of human rights,advocacy work, social justice and public information.



Our distinction is in our niche service-delivery tailor-made to meet your organization’s unique campaign and communications needs. As a boutique consultancy we focus on quality over quantity and treat all our clients with high esteem. Giving each account a personalised attention which is our cutting edge. We believe that our success is tied to the success of our clients, and we are dedicated to helping them achieve their goals. If you are looking for a boutique agency that can help you develop effective communication strategies, please contact us today.

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